Power Rangers: Legacy Wars




The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers battle off against new evil


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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a 2D fighting game where you take over the controls for each of the legendary Power Rangers. Rita Repulsa - the renowned evil space witch - is wrecking havoc again infecting the 'morphin grid' with a virus that creates tons of virtual monsters and evil Power Ranger clones along the way. Your objective is to combat against and defeat all of these abominable creatures.

Gameplay in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is original and very well adapted to touchscreen devices. Sliding your fingertip from left to right has you moving your character, but in order to launch attack moves you'll need to tap on different skills that appear progressively on-screen in the lower corner. Watch out, though, because using these skilled moves takes up part of your energy points. That way, you'll need to keep a close eye on your power levels while playing because your Power Ranger only recharges as you go.

Whenever you beat up a baddie and win a battle, you'll improve your characters' skill sets and power levels, but most importantly, you'll also gain access to newer, better Power Rangers to add to your collection. In total, you'll have over 40 different Power Rangers to choose from, each from its own movie and TV show incarnations.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is an excellent fighting game overall. That being said, what it really stands out for is its amazing visuals. From first sight, you'll notice that this game is on-par to standards for PC or even full console games. All in all it's a fun and visually stunning title.
Time to morph with Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Ahhh what would the world of gaming be – or the world of movies, for that matter – without remakes and reboots. The title of the day is a new adaptation of Power Rangers, coming to theaters in less than a month. And, predictably, game developers are capitalizing on the hype by releasing Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, a fighting game for smartphones and tablets starring the latest versions of the characters from the show, expanded by the 20 or so incarnations that the Rangers have taken throughout the more than 820 episodes.
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